April 9th, 2005


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someone needs to say this. and maybe im not the right person to be saying it. because im not a mod. but as a previous one, i think i might have the right to. this community is really dying. if you look back to entries in the summer we had so many applicants. not even our mods update anymore really. and its not their fault. its all of ours. maybe we dont promote enough.and maybe our level has decreased since the summer, because a lot of people dont have time with school or something. but can someone, including myself, give any suggestions to this problem. there isnt a community without its applicants/members. if we did this this past summer we can do it again. there's no good reason this community is soo dead. our last applicant only got 5 votes. and only 2 of the 5 comments she got, were votes. lets stop be lazy and promote our asses off. or maybe close this during school times and only open during the summer. and im sorry if im not the person to be saying this but someone had to. im sick of people leaving. i wanna see people apply and stay. there are 1 million and 2 people on livejournal, at least half of that can be in this community. so lets start it up.

<3 molly
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