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new beauty <3



1. whats your name?
Lindsey, but some people call me elle
2. How old are you?
I'm 14, 15 in november
3. how did you find 2cute2behated?
I searched "rate" in intrests, and found this
4. promote us and give the link:
5. what do you like to do for fun?
i like to swim, cheerlead, sing, play guitar, go for walks, and chill with friends


6. color? pink
7. band/singer? the killers, greenday, kill hannah, local bands, nirvana, etc.
8. movie? my favorite movie is saw, because it was intresting, and kept you guessing what would happen next

Just a couple of questions...
9. if you had the chance to change one thing in today's society what would it be and why?
the racism. I believe it is unfair to treat others differently just because of their skin color, or culture. Just because one race practices a different tradition or something doesnt mean they should be critized for what they believe.

10. the war in iraq?
im against it. I don't understand why we would send our soldiers to Iraq, when we should have been looking for Osama a lot harder. He was the one who planned september 11th afterall.

11. teen pregnancy?
If i was to have a child as a teenager, im sure i would be able to raise him/her. I respect teenage mothers a lot, because they are able to commit to not only their child, but also schoolwork, friends, and work

12. gay and lesbian marriages?(BE HONEST)
I think being gay is against the bible, cause it was adam and eve, not adam and steve. But hey, if ur gay thats cool, ill still hang out with you and everything. I dont think they should get married though, cause i was taught that being gay is a sin, and therefore it can be removed. Like go to church and prey for ur sin to be lifted and such, and it shall be.

13. do you have any weird/crazy fetishes?
well... i dont have any expirience or anything, so at this point, i would have to say no

14. name 3 interesting things about you (interesting....)
My left ear is a 12 gauge, I can dislocate my knee cap, and i know how to tie my shoes! (lol good sense of humor)

15.what are 3 of your pet peeves?
People who poke me close minded people and... im not sure, i dont get mad very easily Last but not least

16. show us your pretty face


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