Saint Pomme (apples_juice) wrote in 2cute2behated,
Saint Pomme

New Beauty <3


1. whats your name?
Amanda, but everyone calls me AJ
2. How old are you?
20, 21 next month
3. how did you find 2cute2behated?
Looked up "rate me" on the interest list.
4. promote us and give the link:
5. what do you like to do for fun?
I like browsing down town (when it isn't crowded), going to the movies, renting movies, and just being out with my friends.


6. color?
Pink and black, especially when together
7. band/singer?
The Killers
8. movie?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Harry Potter (1-3), Lord of the rings (1-3, 1-3ext), Shaun of the Dead

Just a couple of questions...

9. if you had the chance to change one thing in today's society what would it be and why?
More jobs. More jobs means less people on welfare. Less people on welfare means more money for our schools. And no more of this "not enough experiance" junk, too. If you've never had a job before, how are you going to gain experiance if no one would hire you?
10. the war in iraq?
It needs to stop. Because of this whole war, gas prices are going up. And not everyone could afford $3/gallon.
11. teen pregnancy?
I have friends that were pregnant during high school, so it's sorta... I don't know. Personally, if you can't deal with a child, then you should keep your legs shut. And most teenagers think that "Oh, it'll be easy. I'll just drop out and get a full time job." No, it's not easy. I can't even deal with my neices and nephews all the time. How would a 16 year old know how to raise a child?
12. gay and lesbian marriages?(BE HONEST)
I fully support it. Marriage should be about love. Not this whole "one man, one woman" bullshit. President Bush says that gay marriages would ruin the sanctity of marriage. But what about divorce? Divorce is more common these days. Marriages these days between a straight couple only lasts between 3-5 years. But gay couples tend to stay for way longer.
13. do you have any weird/crazy fetishes?
Hm, tricky question. Never really thought about it.
14. name 3 interesting things about you (interesting....)
1. My sence of logic
2. My perverted thoughts
3. My sence of imagination
15.what are 3 of your pet peeves?
1. People who don't do their work
2. People who don't listen to moderators/staff members of a chat room
3. People who don't use common sence

Last but not least

16. show us your pretty face
Image hosted by
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