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new beauty <3


1. whats your name?
Lacy Nicole.
2. How old are you? Sixteen.
3. how did you find 2cute2behated? LJ search under "rate"
4. promote us and give the link: I'm sorry at the time I'm new, and I don't know where to promote the community but I will look around and do so soon.
5. what do you like to do for fun? Hang out with my friends, alone time, playing around on the computer, taking pictures, singing, dancing, music, and writing poetry.


6. color?
7. band/singer? I have too many but if I had to choose, Nirvana or Sublime.
8. movie? -x- Secret Window -x- Blow -x- Wonderland -x- Spun -x- Trapped in a Purple Haze -x- SLC Punk -x- What's Eating Gilbert Grape -x- Edward Scissorhands -x- Labyrinth -x- The Yellow Submarine -x- Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead -x- Bodyguard -x- 50 First Dates -x- A Walk to Remember -x- Crossroads -x- Peewees Big Adventure -x- Just Married -x- American Wedding -x- Old School -x- Identity -x- Spiderman 2 -x- Twisted -x- Pay it Forward -x- How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days -x- Waterboy -x- Miss Congeniality -x- When Fools Rush In -x- Mystic River -x- Selena -x- One Hour Photo -x- Cabin Fever -x- Rules of Attraction -x- Virgin Suicides -x- Saw -x- MORE -x-

Just a couple of questions...

9. if you had the chance to change one thing in today's society what would it be and why?
The way people are quick to judge others, I know it'll never change but I've always found it to be ridiculous. I just don't see the point in judging a book by it's cover, YES, I've done it before and I'm not going to say I haven't. But, our society would be a lot better if they would actually take the time to get to know someone beyond the way they appear to be. There is so much more to a person then what's on the outside.
10. the war in iraq? I'm on the fence. I think it's neat that they are gaining freedom, but I also think Bush should try to focus more on the U.S. and many of our troops have died for our country, I have nothing against Bush really but I do think he should focus a little bit more on our country and then after he has all of our problems straighten out then he can go about "world peace."
11. teen pregnancy? I have nothing against it. One of my old best friends just had her baby not too long ago, she's 17, and a wonderful mother. I think if a teen is willing to take the responsibility then I have nothing but respect for them.
12. gay and lesbian marriages?(BE HONEST) I see marriage as being a religious ritual, I won't lie. But, I do believe homosexuals should have more freedom as well. "Every man was created equal." I think they should have the rights of a married couple, just not the actual marriage. If that makes sense.
13. do you have any weird/crazy fetishes? No.
14. name 3 interesting things about you (interesting....) Eh.. I'm not really that good with answering questions like this. My personality is interesting I suppose, I have panic attacks and social anxiety (not really that interesting), and I love writing poetry.
15.what are 3 of your pet peeves? Liars, people that aren't true to themselves (cliche but it's one thing I hate! People respect you a lot more if you stand strong for your beliefs and be yourself), and closed-mindedness.

Last but not least
16. show us your pretty face
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